EX-SUS-GOLD Drills (1600)

Drills Designed for Stainless Steel


The Ex-SUS-Gold drill line is famous worldwide for its incredible performace gummy materials, like stainless steel. Its high helix and refine X-thinning point geometry yield incredible sharpness, which make it the ideal solution for processing soft materials. Available in stub and jobber lengths and in diameter increments of every 0.0004" (0.01mm).


X-Thining Point Geometry

No center drills neeeded. Achieves high accuracy high shearing forces ideal in gummy materials.

HSS-Vanadium Substrate

Added heat resistance via 3% Vanadium content yields superior performance to standard High Speed Steel drills.

Titanium Nitride Coating

Increased hardness and lubricitiy inceases wear resistance thereby extending tool life.

As small as 0.5mm in diameter increments every 0.01mm (0.0004").

Over 3,500 sizes available from stock, with diameter tolerances that can replace reaming operations



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Aluminum Alloy, Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Low Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


In applications where internal coolant supply is not possible, EX-SUS-Gold drill is the absolute most cost-effective solution for Stainless Steel.


Any drilling application where you cannot locate an "in-between" diamater size in anyone else's drill offering.

Application Guide

ISO Work Material Recommended
P Low Carbon Steel : 1010, 1018
P Medium Carbon Steel : 1035, 1045
P High Carbon Steel : 1065
P Alloy Steels : 4140, 4340
P Die Steels
M Stainless Steels : 300
M Stainless Steels : 400
M Stainless Steels : 17-4PH
K Cast Iron
N Aluminum : 6061, 7075
N Aluminum : Casting
S Nickel Alloy : Inconel
S Titanium : 6AL4V (30HRC)
H Hardened Steels : ~35 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 35-45 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 45-50 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 50-70 HRC

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