Indexable High Feed Cutter


PHOENIX® PHC is a series of high feed end mills and facemills for maximum metal removal rates in a variety of milling applications.


Economical 4-corner insert with a chipbreaker that enhances cutting performance while maintaining rigidity

Ideally configured for rough milling.

High feed design reduces radial cutting forces and tool vibration

Highly efficient machining, even with long overhangs

Small cutting angle reduces actual chip thickness

Capable of increased feed rates and high metal removal rates

End mill and face mill styles, Inch and Metric

Complete offering



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Alternate Products

List 52603 - PHC, Screw-Fit, Inch View Offering >   View Overview >

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When high Metal Removal Rates (MRR) are needed.


When machine horsepower is limited and lower cutting forces are desired.


Mold & Die applications in Die Steels and Hardened Steels such as H13 and D2.



Additional Information

When grinding or regrinding industrial cutting tools, residual grinding dust may occur. This dust may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
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