Get Your Career Moving - OSG Warehouse Employment Open House!

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We are hosting an employment open house at our St. Charles, IL facility on Thursday, August 18th.

Take a look at the available positions below and come visit us!

Don't forget to bring a copy of your current resume, because all of the applicants will get to have an interview with HR and our Warehouse Manager!


When: Thursday, August 18th from 1pm-5pm


Where: 620 Stetson Ave. St. Charles, IL 60174


Available Positions:

Warehouse Associate I – Part Time (hours between 8am-8pm)

Warehouse Associate I - Receiving Team (11am-8pm)

Warehouse Associate I - Shipping Team (10am-7pm)

Warehouse Associate I – Warehouse Team (9am-6pm)


Click HERE to access the job details and descriptions.


OSG's success comes from our dedicated and committed employees. We return that commitment by providing benefits to lead happy, healthy and balanced life.


Our benefits include:

  • $1,000 Sign on Bonus
  • 401K Tax Deferral & Profit Sharing Plan with full employer match up to 6%
  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Company paid Life Insurance
  • Begin accruing vacation immediately
  • Up to 15 PTO days your first year
  • 3 Flex days
  • 10 paid holidays
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Flexible Savings Account (for medical and dependent care)
  • Company Condo in Maui, available for use after one year of service


If you have any questions, please email

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

OSG's EXO-ULTRA Promotion

Upgrade today and save! Contact your OSG representative to learn about our EXO-ULTRA promotion. Receive 10% off on EXO-ULTRA Upgrade Kits and Monitor Systems now throuh November 30th, 2022.


Why upgrade your monitor now?

  • Proactively prevent costly downtime due to unexpected and costly monitor failures.
  • Improved electronic components provide you with years of dependable operation.
  • Compact and works with 1 or 2 sensor systems.
  • Replacement electronic components are no longer manufactured for older machines.
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EXO-ULTRA Inquiry Form


OSG Announces the Expansion of PHOENIX® PDZ series

We are pleased to announce the release of our NEW OSG PHOENIX® PDZ Flat Drill Series!
The OSG PHOENIX® PDZ is an indexable drill series designed for stable flat-bottom hole making. It is an ideal solution for a wide variety of materials such as carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

The following list numbers are associated with the new OSG PHOENIX® PDZ Flat Drill series:

This series offers the following features & benefits:

  • High Precision finishing on flute improves rigidity, chip evacuation, and reduces cutting force
  • Flat bottom cutting edge for machining a wide range of applications including drilling, counter-boring, inclined surface drilling and more.
  • Superior chip breaking capability during drilling, counter-boring and turning with enhanced muscle breaker

Check out the new tools HERE

OSG Announces the Expansion of A Brand AE-VM Series Expansion

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our A Brand AE-VM series! The new additions feature new lengths & styles ideal for deep side milling and pocket milling of mold parts

The following list numbers are associated with the A Brand AE-VM End Mill Series expansion:

This series offers the following features & benefits:

  • High efficiency for deep side milling and pocket milling of mold parts
  • Variable Geometry to suppress chatter
  • High rigidity to improve milling accuracy
  • Positive rake angle which reduces cutting force
  • Advanced multilayer DUARISE coating for superior surface quality

Check out the new tools HERE

OSG Announces the Expansion of A Brand AE-N Series Expansion

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our A Brand AE-N series! The new additions to our advanced performance DLC Coated end mills, are designed for non-ferrous materials in a wide range of cutting applications delivering efficient and quality processing.

The following list numbers are associated with the A Brand AE-N End Mill Series expansion:

This series offers the following features & benefits:

  • Flat cutting edge achieves higher precision machined surface quality
  • Large core design for high rigidity to prevent chattering
  • Center cutting edge for plunging
  • Three cutting edges at center for high speed milling
  • DLC- IGUSS coating that delivers improved durability and effectiveness

Check out the new tools HERE

OSG Announces the Expansion of A Brand AE-H series

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our A Brand AE-H Advanced Performance Carbide End Mill Series for high-hardness steels.


The following list numbers are associated with the A Brand AE-H End Mill Series expansion:

This series offers the following features & benefits:

  • Multi-Flute
  • Variable indexing for suppression of cutting vibration and chattering
  • Unique cutting edge geometry for stable machining of high-hardness steels up to 70HRC
  • DUROREY Coating for outstanding performance and tool life



We are in the process of phasing out and discontinuing the following list numbers associated with EXOCARB® WXS End Mill series, which is being replaced by the NEW A-Brand AE-H End Mills.

List #4540 WXS-EMS (metric)

List #4440 WXS-EMS (inch)

List #4541 WXS-CR-EMS (metric)

Limited quantities of the above EXOCARB® WXS End Mill continue to be available, while supplies last. A crossover reference table is available on the following page below, and an electronic file of the crossover is available on the Distributor log in page of our website at


Check out the new tools HERE

High Efficiency Milling in Inconel 718

VGM end mill boosts productivity and lowers cost per part in aerospace bracket application

Sean McIntosh | District Sales Manager


Founded in 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Allied Tool & Die Co. is a family-owned precision machine and fabrication company that specializes in the manufacturing of quality parts for aerospace, medical, communications and commercial industries throughout the world. Seventy years since its establishment, this privately owned shop has grown with multiple facilities and an estimated 32,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the challenges Allied Tool & Die faced recently was the machining of aerospace brackets made of Inconel 718. As is with most shops, machining Inconel 718 is time consuming. Moreover, due to the material’s special high strength and heat resistance properties, short tool life is a common obstacle. In search for performance improvement, Allied Tool & Die CNC Process and Machining Manager Jamie Lerma reached out to his local OSG representative for new solutions. Lerma had worked with OSG previously on a 13-8 stainless steel application by utilizing OSG’s HY-PRO® CARB VGM series end mill to achieve high-efficiency milling.

CAD / CAM model of a part made from 13-8 stainless steel. Image courtesy of Allied Tool & Die.CAD / CAM model of a part made from 13-8 stainless steel. Image courtesy of Allied Tool & Die.

A part made from 13-8 stainless steel that was machined by OSG’s HY-PRO® CARB VGM end mill.

A part made from 13-8 stainless steel that was machined by OSG’s HY-PRO® CARB VGM end mill.


OSG’s HY-PRO® CARB VGM is a high performance variable geometry end mill series. Its variable index and unique flute geometry enable the reduction of vibration and chatter, promoting smooth and stable cutting with low cutting forces. With the addition of OSG proprietary multi-layer EXO coating, higher wear and heat resistance is achieved to prolong tool life. OSG’s VGM offering features 5-, 6- and 7-flute lineups, and is available with multiple lengths of cut, with both square end and corner radius variations. This series is suitable for carbon steels, alloy steels, die steels, stainless steels, cast iron, nickel alloy, titanium, and hardened steels up to 45 HRC.

For the 13-8 stainless steel application, the VGM end mill dominated the machining result by extending tool life from seven parts to 21 parts per tool. The parts were also completed in half the time and the tool cost is also cheaper than the competitor tool. Lerma was so impressed by the VGM end mill that he decided to apply the tool to the Inconel 718 aerospace bracket application.

CAD / CAM model of an aerospace bracket made from Inconel 718. Image courtesy of Allied Tool & Die.

An aerospace bracket made from Inconel 718 that was machined by OSG’s HY-PRO® CARB VGM end mill.


Allied Tool & Die was previously using a high feed indexable milling cutter for the Inconel 718 aerospace bracket application. However, the amount of time and money spent on changing the inserts was less than desired. The previous competitor tool was used at 150 SFM (45.7 m/min), 0.009 IPT (0.23 mm/t), 0.05 Aa (ap = 1.27 mm) and 0.75 Ar (ae = 19.05 mm). After reprogramming to utilize OSG’s 0.5-inch diameter 5-flute VGM carbide end mill with a 0.030-inch (0.762 mm) corner radius and 1.25-inch (31.75 mm) length of cut (EDP# VGM5-0143), the cutting parameters were changed to 250 SFT (76.2 mm/min, 2,548 min-1), 0.0022 IPT (0.056 mm/t, 713 mm/min), 0.75 Aa and 0.035 Ar. The application went from a 4-hour cycle time to just one hour and 45 minutes. Allied Tool & Die no longer had to keep stopping the machine to rotate or change inserts, which they were doing four times per part previously. By switching to the VGM end mill, the tool was loaded, and the job did not have to be tended to until the part was completed. In terms of efficiency improvement, Allied Tool & Die estimated that the tool change has generated a cost savings of $6,875 USD on the Inconel 718 aerospace bracket parts. Moreover, with a lower tooling price versus the previous milling cutter, the cost of tooling also decreased by almost $100 USD per part. With the VGM end mill, Allied Tool & Die was able to machine Inconel 718 at an astounding 250 surface feet per minute (76.2 m/min) – a speed that is only commonly seen in alloy or stainless steels, not HRSA materials.

With the recent successes, Allied Tool & Die’s CNC Programmer John Hernandez decided to apply the VGM end mill into most jobs he programs. Being such a versatile tool, the VGM can be used to machine anything from common carbon steels up to the nickel alloys required by the aerospace industry.

From left, Allied Tool & Die CNC Process and Machining Manager Jamie Lerma, CNC Machinist David Dao and CNC Programmer John Hernandez.


“This VGM end mill saved us a ton of time,” said Allied Tool & Die CNC Process and Machining Manager Jamie Lerma, who has started ordering the VGM series end mill to keep in inventory for whatever job comes up.

For more information on OSG’s VGM end mill series and Allied Tool & Die Co.



High Efficiency Milling

By Adam Dimitroff, Applications Engineer


High efficiency milling (HEM) is an increasingly popular machining strategy that involves milling a material with a large axial and light radial depth of cut at a high speed and feed. As machine tool technology and programming software continue to advance, high efficiency milling is becoming increasingly prevalent in environments ranging from job shops to high production manufacturing facilities. HEM boasts advantages in both tool life and cycle time reduction, but it is important to understand how to fully take advantage of this strategy to maximize the performance of your milling process.

Tools designed for high efficiency milling have some common characteristics that allow for them to perform effectively at these high speed parameters. End mills for HEM typically have a long flute length, large core diameter, variable geometry, and multiple flutes. Flute length is typically chosen based on part requirements, while flute count is often overlooked, even though it can be crucial to maximizing cycle times and cost savings.

Although higher flute counts offer impressive feed rates, an increased flute count typically means the tool must be used with a lighter depth of cut. There are situations where this is highly advantageous – low rigidity setups or difficult to machine materials may favour lighter radial stepovers to maximize tool life. However, in relatively free machining materials, cutting forces and wear are typically relatively low to begin with, and a fine stepover may not be necessary. When deciding how many flutes is right for your job, the machinability of the material and rigidity of the setup should be considered. Tools should be chosen based on the material removal rate that they can achieve.

Material removal rate (MRR), often measured in cubic inches per minute, is the volumetric amount of material that a tool is removing at a time. For milling tools, this is a simple way of estimating productivity – a higher MRR typically means a reduced cycle time. When choosing tools for high efficiency milling, a larger radial stepover can often result in a higher MRR, even if the table feed is reduced. As mentioned earlier, material and setup limitations must be considered, but the ultimate goal should be to maximize MRR, rather than trying to achieve higher feed rates. It is also important to consider that in an HEM toolpath, a larger stepover will result in less air cut and rapid time, as there will be fewer number of total stepovers required. With a thorough understanding of the limitations of your setup and the material, finding the correct balance between flute count, stepover and feedrate will ultimately lead to cost savings and better performance in milling applications.



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OSG USA Announces Addition of SOMTA Brand Cutting Tools



OSG USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of SOMTA brand cutting tools to the OSG product line up.

SOMTA brand cutting tools offer value performance solutions for threading, drilling, and milling, at economical pricing.

SOMTA specializes in the design and manufacture of standard and custom tools for the industrial and “do it yourself” markets. Drills, cutters, reamers, threading tools and tool bits, made in a wide range of sizes, using various materials (HSS and Solid Carbide) with surface coatings to extend wear life.

Click here for additional information about SOMTA brand cutting tools.